Meet Our Staff

The school currently employs 23 staff members, 5 of whom are due to Covid 19 safety protocols. The staff comprises the Director who is the Head, Technical Head who is also the founder, Rehabilitation officer who doubles as Deputy Director, 4 qualified teachers, 2 boarding masters, 4 vocational training workers, 2 guards, a SHE officer, 3 cleaners, a gardener, 2 cooks and an Administration Assistant. Due to Covid 19 travel restrictions, we have had to put our British volunteer program on hold. We have an understanding with Project Trust to send volunteers in as soon as Covid 19 is no longer a problem.

Steve Harpt, Founder

Steven Harpt is the founder and former Executive Director. He possesses a Bachelors Degree in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and has been involved in education in Botswana since 1980 when he first arrived as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Before starting the Bana ba Metsi School he served for 11 years as the Headmaster of the Shakawe Community Junior Secondary School. Steve has worked in juvenile treatment programmes in the United States and has a working knowledge of auto, truck and boat mechanics, electrical installations, plumbing and irrigation, poultry and dairy farming, carpentry, steel fabrication and computers. He is also an experienced teacher and fluent Setswana speaker.

Rayna Mmereki, Director

Rayna Mmereki joined Bana Ba Metsi School as a teacher at the beginning of the year 2011. A trained primary school teacher, she holds a Bachelor of Education in Special and Inclusive Education from the Botswana Open University. She taught standard 5, 6 and 7 through the years. Rayna Mmereki has worked as a teacher, sports coordinator and farming supervisor in the school. Ms Mmereki is the Director of Bana Ba Metsi.

Gabalape Tauejele, Deputy Director, Rehab Officer

MR Taujelele the Rehabilitation Officer and Deputy Director. He offers counselling, interventions to help the boys shed bad habits such as violence, smoking, drinking, truancy, bad manners etc. He supervisors all Pastoral staff members and is also responsible for the health needs of the learners.

Malebogo Moseki, Finance Officer

Ms Moseki the Finance Officer as part of the School Management. She keeps all finance records, offers advice on money matters and keeps the management team up to date as to school's financial health. She runs the Poultry project that comprises broilers and layers. It is a training initiative as well as a fundraising enterprise.

Thabang Moleele, Teacher

Mr Thabang Patrick Moleele has a Diploma in Secondary Education with Music as one of his subjects. He teaches various subjects across all classes, standard 5 to 7. He offers Music training to a group of boys once a week. Mr Moleele is also the school's Marimba Band coach.

Thapelo Victor Malepe, Teacher

Mr Thapelo Victor Malepe holds a Diploma in Secondary Education with Maths as one of his subjects. He is currently a Senior Teacher Sports and Recreation. He has been teaching mostly standard 7s in 2021. He is also the school's Drama and Performing Arts teacher. As an Agriculture teacher he works part of the school garden with his students and Ms Kelapetseng.

Ontlametse Kelapetseng, Teacher

Ms Ontlametse Kelapetseng holds a UB Degree in Special Education. She teaches special needs learners and advises the school on matters pertaining to Individualised learning, learner assessment etc. She teaches standard 5 and 6. She also works with Ms Monnaathebe the school Carpenter once a week training boys in Arts and Crafts once a week. She works the school garden with a group of boys growing vegetables for consumption as well as for sale.

Gaoxa Mogabe Monageng, Teacher

Mr Gaoxa Mogabe Monageng is our newest teacher. He is a Degree holder in Computers from Limkokwing University as well as a teaching Certificate from FCTVE. He offers various lessons in standard 5 and 6. He also offers Media studies to a selected group of boys once a week. He is the go to person for computer related issues.