Welcome to Bana Ba Metsi School

Home for young men and boys in need. Our school seeks to rehabilitate and give the students an opportunity to sit for their PSLEs. More than that, we cultivate a conducive environment that nurtures their social skills, sense of responsibility, and prepare them for adulthood. We give a second chance to expelled students, destitute children, orphans, and those from broken homes.

The day-to-day affairs of the School are governed by the Moremogolo Board of Trustees which is made up of local representatives and government officers.

Our Mission

To provide an opportunity for youth at risk to develop understandings, skills, attitudes and personal qualities through the dignity of learning and work, in order to re-enter the formal education system and become productive members of the community.

Our Activities

PSLE Education

Our students get the opportunity to pursue their PSLE certification in a conducive environment.


Arts & Sports

After school and during weekends, the students get to participate in a variety of sports and arts.


Technical Workshops

Our students have an opportunity to learn useful skills from experienced craftsmen and craftswomen.



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