Bana Ba Metsi started in March, 16 th 2000 by a Peace Corp Volunteer veteran Steven G. Harpt. The school’s objective is to rehabilitate Botswana’s youth at risk, develop their skills, attitudes, and personal qualities.

Although primary education is freely available in Botswana many students, particularly in remote areas, find it difficult to fit into the traditional education system and drop-out or are expelled. Reasons are many and varied: behavioural difficulties, poverty, orphan families and so on.

The school caters for boys only – out of practical reasons – most of whom have been affected by problems which interfered with their primary level education such as HIV/AIDS, poverty, bullying and being orphaned. These boys receive practical/vocational skills development such as bricklaying, carpentry, mechanics, agriculture, music and information technology.

Bana Ba Metsi has shown great efficiency as the boys constantly engage in commercial activities that give them a sense of belonging.